Workouts You Can Do On Your Paddle Board

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Stand up paddle boarding has quickly become one of the world’s most popular water sports, and its easy to see why. Not only is it a lot of fun, but it offers a number of great effective ways to workout. Once you’ve exercised on the water, nothing else will compare. You’ll soon see why everyone’s getting on board the craze!

If you want to check it out and break free from the tedium of the gym or those same old exercise spots, we’ve put together a list of some great exercises you can try on your paddle board. And if you’re needing some music to help motivate you or set the mood, puck the StereoActive to your board and you’re good to go!


Start off in a deep squat, with your feet hip width apart and thighs parallel with your board, holding your paddle at chest level, with your palms facing out. Rise up on your toes as you lift the paddle in front of you, then return to the starting position. This will work out your butt, legs, abs and shoulders.

Leg raises

Lie with your back flat on the board and your legs extended in front of you. Place your hands under your glutes or on either edge of the board. Next, tighten your abs – you should feel it in the lower abs especially –  lengthen and extend your legs to a 90-degree angle with the board and exhale. Pause, then inhale as you lower your legs back towards the water. This is great for your butt and hips, and burning any excess fat you want to lose. While you're still in this position, you can do some planks - keep your feet and hands on the board and keep your torso as straight as possible for a minute!

Sit ups

Lying face up on your board with your legs straight, hold the paddle at your thighs with your hands wide. Use your abs to crunch yourself up to sitting with your knees bent, while rotating your paddle and torso to the right side. Then return to the start and repeat, this time turning to the left side. This will work your abs, obliques and back.

Up and overs

Start off in the water – off your board – with your paddle tied off. Then toss one arm across the middle of the board, and pull yourself up onto your belly, so you’re lying on the board. Then quickly pull your knees under and get up onto them (or stand up, if you can). Get back into the water on the other side of the board and repeat the move again, as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is also good for making sure you’re used to getting back on your board after a fall.

Side push ups

Lie on your board on your right-hand side, with your legs stacked and knees bent. Put your left palm on the board in front of your chest, with your right hand on your left shoulder, and use your left hand to raise your torso off the board – as high as you can go

Then lower yourself back to the start, and repeat on the opposite side. It’s a great exercise for working your arms, chest, obliques, abs and butt.

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