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Your Boat, Your Way: Introducing Streamline

Streamline may be pretty young, but they bring with them decades of experience. Founder and expert boatbuilder Peter Garcia had been rocking it in the industry since 2003, working for a couple of other manufacturers before realizing he wanted to put his own spin on boat building. In November 2017, Streamline was born – and a new standard of custom boats hit the market.

Named for the Gulf Stream, the tidal current off the coast of Florida that is often feared but completely manageable in one of the vessels built by Peter and the team, Streamline quickly made its mark on the Florida boat scene with their custom boats tailored around each and every individual.

“Boats are my passion. I love being on the water; feeling the power. It’s incredibly fun being able to deliver that same feeling to a client. We’ve done almost 20 boats in our first year and are hoping to double that next year,” Peter shares.

With each boat designed specifically for the client, Streamline aren’t in the business of selling – they’re in the business of building something together. “We’re building people their third or fourth boat, not their first. By then, people are starting to tear away from your standard cookie cutter boat and have an idea of what they want.”

Building everything from 26 to 45ft vessels, Streamline prides itself on building boats that people want to design themselves. “It creates a real sense of pride, a sense of accomplishment when someone sets themselves apart with their own custom boat.”

Creating custom boats is all about injecting clients’ personalities into the vessels. “When it comes to a custom boat, there’s a lot more of you in it. We have different configurations so you can pick and choose what you want, from seating arrangements to interior colors to electronics.”

And that’s where Fusion come into the picture. “Fusion just build superior products. They last longer and are incredibly user friendly while the interface is still really tech-y. Customers like to see that; they really pull toward it,” explains Peter.

From Wi-Fi connections to app integrations, Peter highlights Fusion’s continued innovation and superior quality as the key reasons he’s always willing to take a ‘leap of faith’ on new Fusion products. “I really like that they’re integrating apps into the units themselves – you no longer have to buy multiple things, you can get it all from the unit via the app or I can run the stereo on my boat from my watch. It makes sync so much simpler and gives me so much more control of the product.”

The other driving force behind using Fusion products? The post-sale support. “Their customer service is second to none and every time we have an issue they’re always there. Plus, it’s hard to find people who have the level of passion that the Fusion team have.”

As for Streamline, the future looks bright. “I would love to do 100 boats this year, but I never want to overshoot the relationship with customers. Everyone has to be on the same page so everything can be streamlined and customers can create the boat they’ve always wanted.”