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What do I need to do so that my LED lights found on my Signature Series sports style speakers turn on?

You will need to run 12V power to each speaker. On the back of the Signature Series sport style speakers are four terminals, two for speaker wires and two for the 12V power cable. Ensure you have the power cable connected to the correct terminal.

My MS-NRX300 does not power on.

If your remote is connected onto your boat's already existing network, please ensure this network is powered with 12V. If you have setup a ‘mini’ NMEA2000 network connecting your MS-NRX300 to a Fusion stereo, please ensure that you have used all of the NMEA2000 components supplied with remote. If you have a 650/755 series or an MS-RA770, you will be able to power that network from your stereo unit. If you have connected the MS-NRX300 to a MS-RA70N or MS-BB100, you will need to run an additional NMEA2000 12V power cable to your boat's power supply for the network to turn on per the user manual supplied with these products.

I have lost the IR remote supplied with the MS-AV650/750/755. Can I buy a new one?

Yes, these are setup as a spare part. Your local Fusion dealer will be able to order one in for you. (Part Number: S00-00522-14)

To find your local dealer visit our Where To Buy section.

Will any plus size iPhone's fit into the MS-UNIDOCK?

No, only standard sized devices can be inserted into the MS-UNIDOCK.

Is my stereo compatible with Apple AirPlay?

Fusion Apollo Series entertainment systems are the only Apple AirPlay compatible systems we produce at present.

Can I update my stereo via an over-the-air software update?

Only Fusion Apollo Series products support over-the-air software updates via the Fusion-Link app for Apple and Android. A USB flash drive is required to update other Fusion stereo models with the software available from the Fusion website.

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