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Can I control the volume of all Apollo stereos on a PartyBus network from the controlling stereo?

Unfortunately that feature is not supported by the PartyBus network, you can only control the volume of each stereo individually.

I have a MS-DAB100A however my stereo does not pick up any DAB stations.

To receive DAB broadcasts, first ensure the Fusion stereo supports the feature and the tuner region is set to a region that has DAB broadcasts (for example, Europe or Australia). Second, ensure the stereo has the latest software installed by visiting the Fusion website and downloading the latest software available. Update the connected DAB module from the stereo's menu Settings>Update>MS-DAB100.

If the problem persists, check all connections and refer to the installation manual to ensure the antenna placement is correct.

Can I control my Fusion stereo from a MS-SRX400?

Yes if you are connected to a Fusion Apollo RA770 via PartyBus. Alternatively you can use the MS-NRX300 NMEA2000 remote or the Fusion-Link app for Apple or Android devices - via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for compatible Fusion stereos, or the MS-ARX70 ANT remote for ANT enabled Fusion stereos.

My Fusion system has a loud hum or noise coming from the speakers connected to my amplifier.

This is normally caused by introduced interference through the RCA cables connected from the stereo to the amplifier and is often referred to as a ground loop. It can be caused by numerous electric sources of interference such as refrigerators, power and ground cables, LED lights etc. You can spend a lot of time searching for the source, so prevention is the best course - do not run RCA cables near any electrical equipment or power/ground cable runs.

The quickest way to resolve this is by fitting ground loop isolators on all RCA cables - this is an inexpensive way to remove the unwanted noise.

How do I connect wiring to my Signature Series Sport speaker for LED lighting?

Sports Model LED Wiring

Connecting the LED wires to the Sports model speakers (Note: This feature is available only on the Sports model speakers - you can control the color of the LEDs by the polarity of the LED wires)

  1. Using the hex key, loosen the screws on the wiring terminals on the back of the speaker.
  2. Connect the black and red wires to the terminal according to the preferred LED color.
    1. Blue: black wire to negative (-) and red wire to positive (+)
    2. White: black wire to positive (+) and red wire to negative (-)
  3. Using the hex key, tighten the screws on the wiring terminals.
  4. Push the wire into a retaining clip to relieve the tension on the wire.

Connecting the Sports model speakers' LED wires to power (Note: This feature is available only on the Sports model speakers)

All 12VDC wiring to the LEDs must be fused at the power source end of your cable using a 3A fuse. The red power (+) wire should be connected to a 12VDC source through an isolator switch or circuit breaker to turn the speaker LEDs on and off. You can use the same isolator or circuit breaker controlling the power supply to your stereo, which allows you to turn the LEDs and stereo on and off at the same time. If it is necessary to extend the red and black wires include with the speakers, you should use 20 AWG (0.5 mm2) or thicker wire.

  1. Route the red power (+) and black ground (-) wires to the battery and speaker.
  2. Connect the black wire to the negative (-) battery terminal.
  3. Connect the red wire to the positive (+) terminal through a 3A fuse and isolator switch or circuit breaker.

My MS-NRX300 does not power on.

Connection options to power the MS-NRX300 NMEA2000 remote control

Depending on which Fusion stereo you have, there are several ways to power the remote:

  1. Via an existing powered NMEA2000 network - this is when you simply use a NMEA2000 tee to connect a drop cable from the remote to the network and be visible to compatible Fusion stereos on the network. This also allows the stereo to be controlled by partnered Multi-Function Displays that support the Fusion-Link protocol on the same network.
  2. A Fusion remote control network powered from the stereo - this is enabled from the settings menu on compatible Fusion stereos. The required wiring is supplied with the remote.
  3. A Fusion remote control network powered from a 12V supply - this requires a NMEA power cable (Fusion PN: CAB-000541) to build a network (see diagram below)

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