12 Volt Car Charger


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Product Specifications

Type 12 Volt Car Charger
Dimensions 87 mm(H) x 40 mm(W) x 30 mm(D)
Weight 37 g (1.31 oz)
Interface 2.5 mm DC Plug
Input voltage 11-16 VDC
Output voltage 10.5-16 VDC
Output current 2 A MAX
Fuse Rating 2.5 A Cable length: 1.5 m

Charging solution for the STEREOACTIVE

Ensure you reach your destination with a fully charged battery by including the STEREOACTIVE 12 Volt car charger in your day bag.

Full charge can be achieved within 3 hours, so you can get right back to your favorite music on the water.

NOTE: Not suitable for 24V vehicles. The car charger is intended for dry area installation only.

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