ActiveSafe - Keep Your Valuables Safe


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Water Resistance Rating IPx7 / Floats
Mounting Available as Accessories: Standard FUSION Puck Mount with screw and Adhesive Pad, RAM or RailBlaza Mounting Solutions
Storage Capabilities Large Enough to Store an iPhone 6s Plus or Samsung 7, a Car Key and Credit Card
Dimensions Front width: 237mm (9-5/16"), Back width: 169mm (6-5/8"), Height: 46mm (1-13/16")

ActiveSafe - Keep Your Valuables Safe

Ever wondered what to do with your phone and keys while you explore the coast on your stand up paddle board? Why take unnecessary risks with your valuables on the water when you can store them inside the ACTIVESAFE

Engineered to fit perfectly onto any FUSION Puck mounting solution, the ACTIVESAFE is a completely watertight and IPx7 rated water resistant storage case that FLOATS!


By approaching every new market from the perspective of our customers FUSION innovates solutions that truly improve any watersport activity. This philosophy has resulted in the ecosystem of products that is the STEREOACTIVE, the world's first portable watersports stereo, the ACTIVESAFE, an innovative IPx7 watertight floating storage case, and the intelligent PUCK mounting solution for any application. This is what separates FUSION from the rest, and why your next adventure will be backed by a FUSION soundtrack.


The ACTIVESAFE is a completely watertight IPx7 rated water resistant storage case that FLOATS! Designed to keep your valuables safe and protected while you spend the day on the water, the ACTIVESAFE will float with your valuables inside - whether used separately or attached to the STEREOACTIVE. Now you have peace of mind while you do what you love.

Functionality Meets World Class Industrial Design

Padded Interior

The padded silicon interior liner inside the ACTIVESAFE provides extra security for your valuables. The increased impact resistance helps prevent your valuables being damaged from rattling around inside the case while you're out on the water.

Compression Seal

The bottom padded silicon interior liner's compression seal ensures watertight protection - and that the content inside the ACTIVESAFE stays completely shielded from any outside elements. It is the in-depth understanding of the environment that watersports enthusiasts adventure into that drives this quality engineering.

Industrial Clips

The ACTIVESAFE features four over center clips which, when engaged, provide the compression seal - ensuring the water-tightness and the security of your valuables while out on the water. The clips are custom-designed to be opened from the sides, so you can open and close the ACTIVESAFE even when the STEREOACTIVE is pucked on top.

Store Your Valuables

Need a place to store your valuables? Why take unnecessary risks with your valuables on the water when you can store them inside the ACTIVESAFE? Large enough to store the iPhone 6s Plus or Samsung Galaxy S7, a car key, your bank cards and loose change, it keeps them secure and dry while you enjoy your time on the water.

Element Ready

The ACTIVESAFE has been designed and engineered for the watersports enthusiast. A deep understanding of the environmental conditions that the ACTIVESAFE will be exposed to has influenced the design, materials, construction and engineering process. The result is a ruggedized storage case that gives you confidence that your valuables will be protected whilst you get out there and do what you love.

PUCK Your ActiveSafe Securely

The Puck is a FUSION-designed mounting solution that allows you to securely attach a STEREOACTIVE and/or ACTIVESAFE to the surface of a paddle board, kayak, canoe, dinghy/tinny/jon boat and even a jacuzzi - leaving you to enjoy your music rather than worrying about your stereo floating away in the water. FUSION has partnered with both Ram-Mount and Railblaza to create specialized Puck solutions that are compatible with these industry-leading mount provider's products. You can be confident that you can truly Puck your STEREOACTIVE and/or ACTIVESAFE anywhere.

PUCK Mounting Solutions For Every Activity

Secure your STEREOACTIVE and/or ACTIVESAFE to any surface with the innovative FUSION PUCK mounting solution.

PUCK Mounting Solutions For Every Activity

Together, Take On Any Adventure

The rugged construction, extensive array of available music sources and the incredible audio quality reproduction makes the STEREOACTIVE a must-have for any kayak, paddle board, canoe, fishing or yoga outing this season. When combined with the ACTIVESAFE, you can rest assured that your entertainment and valuables are safe and ready to take on whatever adventure you are.

Are you ready to join the adventure?


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